Angels Spells

Angel Spells

My Angel magic page has more info on spells and rituals that i carry out, click here to go to that page. My aim is to help bring happiness and security into your life. Remember we are working together to bring about the changes you desire with the help of spell work, please take a look at my other website  or  contact me first if you are unsure, confused or have any queries or in any doubt. I can then advise further before you make a decision about an order. I am always more than happy to do that for you first.. Please provide me with the basic information I need to either prepare your spells or to look at this on a psychic level and seek guidance as to the most suitable way to progress. I promise you the strictest level of confidentiality at all times. To order now please see below.

  Choose from Order £59 donation spell  or Order £109 donation spell or to ask me to advise first please click here.

3 castings of your Angel ritual or chosen spell £59 

7 castings of your Angel ritual or chosen spell , cast over the course of 1 week £109 

14 castings of your Angel ritual or chosen spell, carried out over a moon phase £159 

The spells and rituals that I cast can be cast for many situations, pretty much anything can be covered, see the spells list below, although other areas can be covered by arrangement, although please note I don't work for revenge. The spells that I cast are offered in a simple to choose format. They are all priced in an affordable manner and you will get personal attention and dedication to your case. Choices for castings are, Pure Angel magic or traditional witchcraft, you can specify or I will check with you before casting.

Angel spells available to cast

The following is a list of spells that can be covered, don't worry if your chosen spell/subject is not in the list, I can cast spells for pretty much any situation upon request, the list is just an example. all my spells are custom spells for your personal situation.

  Draw new Love Spells
  Reconciliation of lost love Spells
  Encourage Commitment within Relationship Spells
  Fidelity within Relationship Spells
  Removal of third party Spells
  Improve or get someone to Communicate Spells
  Get over lost love Spells
  Love Healing for Arguments/cross words/breakdown in feelings Spells
  Draw Good Luck Spells
  Removal of Curses Spells
  Removal of negative energy Spells
  Blessings Spells
  Empowering and strengthening for an individual Spells
  Career/promotion Improvement Spells
  Find a job  Spells
  Business Improvement Spells
  Nuisance Neighbours
  Protection person/home/business/situation
  Justice for court cases & personal situations etc
  Sell home/property/business
  Help to Pass Text/Exam

About Angel Spells

I should also point out that I do not guarantee spells/rituals/magic, there are plenty that do and you may want to try your luck with them, but I was taught that we are asking favours from the powers that be, the universe, or Gods and the Goddess, not listing demands. This knowledge has always served me well, and I know from experience that guarantees on magic are as hard to give as a promise it will not rain tomorrow! I have an ethical view on magic and its capabilities and I have been very successful with my methods.